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  • - The Concept : If you could go back in time and tell yourself something to avert some sort of personal disaster, what would it be? If only you had known.. what?
  • - If your misfortune isn't published on our website, don't feel offended, and thank you!
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#66 - Jennifer Lopez in a skintight sparkly bodysuit on New Year's Eve after having twins.

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#65 - Naming anything a 'squeakquel'. I'm looking at you, Alvin and the Chipmunks.

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#64 - They've remade the Karate Kid with Jackie Chan and Will Smith's son. Where they do kungfu instead of karate. In China, not California. This doesn't seem like a good idea?

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#63 - Telling the police you don't want an autopsy on your 32 year old wife when she randomly dies in the shower?? Way to look suspicious, dude. RIP Brittany Murphy.

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#62 - Letting Tila Tequila being the surrogate mother for your baby.

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#61 - I thought I'd be cool and try to open a glass of champagne with a sword like naval officers used to. NTBI over a living room carpet.

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#60 - Tiger Woods got married. NTBI.

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#59 - Legacy's solo on So You Think You Can Dance last night? Legacy and Ellenore's weird alien hip hop routine? Not the best ideas. 'nuff said.

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#57 - I got a txt from one of my friends on Friday night saying I should come over and watch some anime series with her. It was actually really good, so we were up watching it til 3 AM. NTBI, because I totally forgot I had to take the SATs at 7 AM. It turns out there are no Japanese words on the test.

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#55 - I went out with some friends geocaching and it was raining lightly. To save time, instead of going through a park, we decided to climb up the sides of a railway bridge that went over a street. NTBI, because I slide 5 feet and fell another 10 onto a guard rail below -- breaking a rib.

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